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Jade Stone Bangle {Org. $35}

Jade Stone Bangle {Org. $35}

$30.00 — On sale

Product Description

These bracelets are made of natural jade,
and their patterns and colors are different,
and each one is different. We ship randomly, so what you get is unique.
Before you buy, please confirm your size.

*Note: Jade is Fragile, please be careful.


Small Size:58mm-59mm(2.28in-2.32in) Medium Size:60mm-61mm(2.36in-2.4in) Large Size:62mm-63mm(2.44in-2.48in)
X-Large Size:64mm-66mm(2.52in-2.56in)

Jade Stone Bangle {Org. $35} Image 2
Druzy Stone Bangle {Org. $20}
$12.00 — On sale
Mini Stone Necklace {Org. $25}
$15.00 — On sale
Mother Of Pearl Necklace {Org. $35}
$15.00 — On sale
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