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Q. How long is delivery for preorders?

    A. It takes standard 7-21 days from time of order but may be shipped out sooner but allow 21 days before contacting if you haven't received your order.

Q. Why do preorder?

    A. It guarantee your item in stock and some items come directly from the manufacture to your door.

Q. Do you give refunds?

     A. NO REFUNDS! Customer may make exchanges for the same item due to wrong size or color. NO EXCHANGES ON SALES ITEMS. Refer to "Return Policy" page for more information.

Q. How often do you restock?

     A. Most items will not be restocked as we like to keep fresh inventory however some items maybe restocked due to popular demand. All stock takes 2-4weeks depending on the manufacturer.

Q. How do your clothes run in size?

      A. All our clothes run true to size unless stated otherwise in the description and it will be accompanied by a size chart.

Q. Do you have a plus size line?

   A. Yes, our plus size line is "MIK Attraction", we prefer the use of that term instead of saying plus size because women are more than their size, all women are a beautiful attraction.

                                              Thank You,

                                    Ja`Mika Jean (Owner)